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  • It’s still electricity...just yours

    It’s still electricity...just yours

  • Future proof your home

    Future proof your home

      Solar today...batteries tomorrow

  • The Grid failing you?

    The Grid failing you?

    • Never lose power again

    • Consistent power quality

    • Control your costs

  • Save The Sun!

    Save The Sun!


Save The Sun!

Let 360Storage work with you to break out of the cycle of increasing electricity rates, save money and reclaim control over how your home is run – with clean, renewable energy.


360Storage is proud to offer Australians the latest in home battery technology to maximise the use of their solar system and give them solar energy at night.  The 360Storage Accredited Dealer Network is Australia’s largest independent network of solar storage specialists, and offers the most affordable and flexible solar battery storage solutions, including the Tesla Energy Powerwall for Australia’s residential, rural and commercial markets. 


360Storage Tesla Energy Authorised Reseller






Storage is worth it.  Let us show you


At 360Storage our aim is to provide you with a solar storage solution that provides power at prices cheaper than the grid, locks in your electricity price and thereby saving you money.  A 360Storage Solution will help you avoid power price inflation and give you a high level of independence to control your costs.


Our 360Storage Solutions can be tailored to suit your power and budget needs.





Australian Company – World Leading Solutions


At 360Storage we have the most affordable and flexible solar storage solutions for Australia’s residential, rural and commercial markets.  360Storage brings the best of global technology and know-how to deliver high quality home battery solutions that help Australians gain control of their energy future.  Our extensive range allows to you to select a package that best meets your energy needs and budget.  



Powerwall Tesla Home Battery





Solar + Storage

360Storage solar + storage solutions provide you with a true energy alternative. Make solar a 24hr proposition and save.

Battery Ready Systems

Plan for the future. 360Storage Battery Ready systems operate just like a standard solar system.  You start saving right away and connect batteries when you’re ready  

Adding Batteries

Earning next to nothing for your exported power?  Use your solar energy at night by connecting a 360Storage Battery Retrofit package.  

Locate A Dealer

Find an Accredited Dealer from our nationwide network of solar storage professionals nearest to you