• It’s still electricity...just yours

    It’s still electricity...just yours

  • Future proof your home

    Future proof your home

      Solar today...batteries tomorrow

  • The Grid failing you?

    The Grid failing you?

    • Never lose power again

    • Consistent power quality

    • Control your costs

  • Save The Sun!

    Save The Sun!

Save The Sun!

Let 360Storage work with you to break out of the cycle of increasing electricity rates, save money and reclaim control over how your home is run – with clean, renewable energy.


We are solar storage specialists, and have the most affordable and flexible solar battery storage solutions for Australia’s residential, rural and commercial markets. 



Saving the sun with a solar energy storage system will provide your household with energy independence, and can be tailored to your budget and needs.  


A solar system captures light from the sun and turns it into power for use by your household during the day. With a solar storage system, the power your household doesn’t use is saved for when YOU need to use it - such as in the evenings when electricity is often at its most expensive.


Our 360Storage systems fulfil your needs just as a grid connection does.  


Generate. Store. Use your own power 365 days a year.




Solar or Solar + Battery Storage?


As little as 20% of your solar power maybe consumed directly and what is not used is sent to the grid with little or no cost benefit for you.


With a 360Storage system you could replace up to 70-90% of your grid usage, provide independence, security from future energy price rises and avoiding the expensive peak or evening periods, thereby maximising your savings. 


That’s a whole lot of money saved for your mortgage, your renovations or your new landscaping.


Why not make your house work for you while you’re out working for it?

Solar + Storage

360Storage solar + storage solutions provide you with a true energy alternative. Make solar a 24hr proposition and save.

Battery Ready Systems

Plan for the future. 360Storage Battery Ready systems operate just like a standard solar system.  You start saving right away and connect batteries when you’re ready  

Adding Batteries

Earning next to nothing for your exported power?  Use your solar energy at night by connecting a 360Storage Battery Retrofit package.  

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